Durable and affordable portable throwing circles.

Setup and Removal Is a One-Person Job

If you need a crew to move and set up your throwing circle, if your current throwing circle looks as if it has been through a war, or if it flops, flexes, or slides around during use, you will appreciate a Jonysport throwing circle. Sections are pinned together for perfect alignment and to eliminate flexing of each half separately. The mechanism that is used to lock the sections together is used to draw the sections together and to separate them. Once separated, each section is simply tipped up on its edge and rolled away.

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Jonysport throwing circles can be seen from the high school to collegiate division 1 levels.

You may have seen one of my circles at places such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Indiana St., Michigan St., Notre Dame, Florida St., Louisville , Boston,Drake, or Harvard.....to name just a few.