My mission is to create throwing circles that last.

Indoor Throwing Circle

About Jonysport

Jonysport throwing circles were born from a simple request from a throws coach for a new throwing circle. After many questions, observations, and a lot of head scratching, I engineered a high-quality, durable unit that is so easy to move and set up it is a one-person job! Well, that was back in 2009 and I've been making them ever since and that original circle is still used for daily practices and meets. I bet it will be going strong in another 10 years.

What I thought was a one-off turned into Why? Because coaches who have seen one and throwers who have thrown off of one started calling...and calling.

The vast majority of my sales still come the old-fashioned way: by word of mouth. I'll never get rich doing this, but I know there is a need for a quality, affordable throwing circle. I use materials chosen for their durability and quality. My throwing surface will not splinter, peel, or develop divots. When you want the "BEST" at an affordable price you will find your way to me. Now I could have loads of positive testimonials but I prefer to leave that to the close knit throwing community, Word of Mouth beats all!!

What Sets Jonysport Portable Throwing Circles Apart

  • Quality Materials

    Each unit is constructed with a plywood specifically chosen for its weather resistance, flatness, and dimensional stability. When someone says they use "marine-grade" plywood, that only means the glue used is waterproof and says nothing about the plywood surface or grade. While I don't claim my circles are waterproof, they are as water resistant as I can make them. While originally designed for indoor use, they may be used outdoors however, the circle should not be left outside after use and should be stored in a weatherproof storage area, preferably indoors.   The bottom is coated with a granular rubber surface and is waterproof. This surface will ensure it will stay securely in place and not slide around during use, even on slick surfaces.

  • Setup and Removal Is a One-Person Job

    Sections are pinned together for perfect alignment and to eliminate flexing of each half separately. The mechanism that is used to lock the sections together is also used to draw the sections together and to separate them. Once separated, each section is simply tipped up on its edge and rolled away. 

  • Customization

    Your circle can be customized with your school colors. I match the PMS numbers your school uses for its official colors. The throwing surface comes in standard gray or white; alternate colors are an additional cost.