I believe in making a quality, affordable, and durable throwing circle.

Portable Throwing Circles


  • Top-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Jonysport circles meet all high school and collegiate specifications
  • Durable throwing surface will not splinter, crack, or peel
  • The throwing surface is considered FAST but is neither slippery nor sticky
  • The throwing surface is NOT A PAINT! (We all know how long a painted surface lasts)
  • One-person setup and removal
  • Granulated rubber bottom keeps the throwing circle securely in place during use
  • Multi-use: while designed for indoor, these circles can also be used outdoors
  • Customizable with your school or university colors

Have special design requests? Just ask!

Weight / Shot Put Circle with Removable Toe Board


  • Size: 8' x 8'
  • Two sections with wheels
  • 3/4" recess comes standard with 1" recess available at an additional cost
  • Comes with toe board finished in the same coating as throwing surface. It is attached to platform via recessed threaded inserts making installation and removal quick and easy.
  • Comes with steel wheels that will not damage rubber floors or tracks. Optional rubber wheels can be used if you are rolling over wooden floors.
  • Total weight: 350 lbs (175 lbs each section)
Indoor Throwing Circle

Discus Circle with 2 Sections


  • Size: 9'4" x 9'4"
  • Two sections with wheels
  • 3/4" recess
  • Four retractable handles on both sections for easy carrying
  • Total weight: 470 lbs (235 lbs each section)
  • Optional 2 pc. insert with removable toe board available-- $500
Indoor Throwing Cirlce

Shipping Information

Please call for the best delivery option, I do my best to get the lowest possible shipping cost....I don't make money off of inflating  shipping charges on your order.  The total time from order to shipping is approximately 10–20 days. Usually Jonysport will deliver within 300 miles, . A loading dock on your end will make delivery easier as the crate with the 2-piece discus is well over 600 lbs. Shipping is added to invoice ,FOB, costs run from approx. $400-600 and will be confirmed at time of order.

If picked up, a full-size van or pickup truck (6' bed min.) will work for a weight / shot put circle and a 4-section discus throwing circle. However, the 2-section discus will not fit unless the cap is removed.

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